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Finding, buying and selling tickets to live events can be an absolute nightmare. Buying tickets to sold out events usually involves going through a dodgy website or a rip-off exchange (and as a last resort, the dreaded black market touts). Likewise, selling tickets at the last minute can be a major stress. It usually results in frantic calls to friends and family or relying on that same dodgy website, often leaving you out of pocket.

Dingo is a mobile app that provides a convenient, safe and transparent place to buy and sell tickets. Dingo cuts out the middleman and allows you to find, communicate and transact with buyers and sellers on your own terms. With our social verification, secure payments and managed community, Dingo is your best bet to avoid ticket touts and fake tickets. There are several automated apps developed and applied recently in many sectors. This is not an exception in the financial sector. Several crypto trading apps are now available in utilization in the market with the same feature done like the Dingo ticketing app. These apps make it easy to buy and trade bitcoins without the use of a middleman. But, owing to PayPal, purchasing bitcoin has gotten even easier. Go to bitcoin online kaufen paypal blog to understand how to buy bitcoin with PayPal.

Whether buying, selling or browsing for bargains - Dingo it.

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